Dr. Viktor Fedun

  • Magnetic Flux Tube. Visualisations of the 3-dimensional standing mode solutions of the linearised MHD equations in a cylindrical geometry for sausage, kink and fluting modes. These visualisations were produced by Dr. Ioannis Giagkiozis, PhD student in Solar Physics.
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  • Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability
  • Orszag-Tang Vortex
  • Numerical modelling of footpoint-driven magneto-acoustic wave propagation in a localized solar flux tube, The Astrophysical Journal, 2011
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  • Oscillatory Response of the 3D Solar Atmosphere to the Leakage of Photospheric Motion, Solar Physics, 2009
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  • Magneto-Acoustic Waves in Compressible Magnetically Twisted Flux Tubes, Solar Physics, 2010
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  • Sausage MHD waves In Incompressible Flux Tubes With Twisted Magnetic Fields , Solar Physics, 2006
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  • MHD waves generated by high-frequency photospheric vortex motions, Annales Geophysicae, 2011
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    Three-dimensional simulations of the MHD wave propagation in an open magnetic flux tube.

    The thin multicolor curves represent the magnetic field lines. The lower and upper color bars correspond to the vertical velocity Vz at the level of the driver location and to the strength value of the magnetic field along the magnetic field lines, respectively. The white iso-contours of the magnetic field labeled by appropriate value of the strength of the magnetic field are shown in the top horizontal slice taken at height h = 1.4 Mm. At the bottom of the numerical domain the horizontal cross-cut at the location of the swirl driver is shown.

    Click the images below to see the simulations.

    Period = 30 s, Amplitude = 500 m/s, Radius of tube = 100 km, B = 1000 G

    Full domain (5.32Mb) Zoom (7.7Mb) Zoom, thick lines (8.16Mb) Zoom, 1 trajectory (6.74Mb)

    Period = 120 s, Amplitude = 200 m/s, Radius of tube = 100 km, B=1000 G

    Full domain (11Mb) Full domain, thick lines (5.5Mb)

    Magnetic field slice, cartesian-cylindric (13.4Mb)

    Velocity-magnetic slice, cylindric-cylindric (17.2Mb)

    Velocity-magnetic slice, cartesian-cartesian (24Mb)

    Zoom (18Mb) Zoom, thick lines (9.6Mb) Zoom (4.9Mb) Zoom, all trajectories (19.6Mb)

    Zoom, 1 trajectory (16Mb) Zoom, 1 trajectory, projection (2.4Mb)

    Zoom, 3 trajectories (18.6Mb) Zoom, 3 trajectories, projection (3.6Mb)

    Visualisation with Vapor. Period = 120 s, Amplitude = 200 m/s, Radius of tube = 100 km, B = 1000 G

    Bx (59Mb) Bx full (57Mb) Vx (44Mb)

    One period (puls), Amplitude = 200 m/s, Radius of tube = 100 km, B = 1000 G

    4 trajectories (27.7Mb) xy cut at 0.9 Mm of Vz (14.8Mb) View from top (92.03Mb)

    4 trajectories, projection (6.4Mb)

    Realistic solar atmosphere (line profiles constructed from the model are identical to the line profiles obtained from observational data)

    Multidriver, period = 120, 180, 240, 300, 350 s, Amplitude = 200 m/s, Radius of tube = 100 km, B = 1000 G

    Zoom, 3 trajectories (14.6Mb) Zoom, 3 trajectories (31.4Mb) Gamma (26Mb)